The Chinese American Citizens Alliance - Salinas Chapter in conjunction with The Chinese Association of Salinas annually award scholarships to deserving graduating high school students of Chinese descent in Monterey County who will be attending a post secondary accredited trade school, junior or community college, or four year college or university. Currently, the maximum amount per scholarship is $500.00. Eligible are all high schools in the Monterey County, California. The scholarship is awarded based on scholarship, community service, service to the Chinese community, extra-curricular activities, need, and personal goals.


Carolina Dalit
- graduating from Seaside High; daughter of Rolando & Faustina Dalit. She will be attending UC Berkeley & majoring in mathematics

Michael Kong
graduated from Palma High; he is the son of C.A.C.A. member Arthur & Christina Kong. He will be attending University of San Diego and majoring in Business

Justin Kumagai
graduated from Monterey High; he is the son of Tadao & Stella Kumagai. He will be attending UC Santa Cruz and majoring in Marine Biology.

Scott Uemura
graduated as Valedictorian from Salinas High ; he is the son of C.A.C.A. member Bob & Arlene Uemura. He will be attending UCLA.

Priscilla Yen
graduated from Robert Louis Stevenson High; she is the daughter of Eugene & Kathy Yen. He will be attending Columbia College of NY

Yining Zhao
graduated from Monterey High ; he is the son of Jielu & Lian Zhao. He will be attending UC Berkely and majoring in Economics.

Haoyu Bai
graduated from North Salinas High ; he is the son of Jie Bai & Li Lei. He will be attending Hartnell College.