Potluck dinner - March 26, 2005

On Saturday, March 26, 2005, more than 70 members and guests gathered at the Chinese School multipurpose room for our annual potluck dinner. Row after row of delicious and delectable dishes were enjoyed by all, ranging from chicken salad to pickled pigs feet to braised chicken feet to barbequed chicken. After all of the entrees and rice were consumed, there was an endless array of desserts, both eastern and western that the membership brought forth. Needless to say, no one was left hungry.

After dinner, the membership was treated to an Biennial Past President's Roasting. Jerry Cheang had the honors of chairing his presentation.

Chairman Wallace Ahtye wishes to thank: Linda Low, Carol Cheang & Parker Chin for being on the phone committee; Bill Young & Richard Yee for helping to set up the hall; Jerry Cheang for cooking rice and vegetables and to all of those in attendance who brought so much good food for all to enjoy.

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Serving People Food Program Exit

Serving People Food Program Exit