Easter Egg Hunt - 2006

On Sunday, April 16, 2006, , It's RAINING today so as not to disappoint the children , CACA held their annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Confucius Church. There wasn't much advertisement about this outing but people somehow knew about it.

The event was attended by about 90 people - 40 of these were the egg-huntung kids. Some of our old friends who were home visiting family for the holiday came to join the fun.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who help make this possible. Chairman Richard Ng with family Anita, Allen & Matthew; Sherman & Linda Low, Louis & Wanda Lee, Jerry & Carol Cheang, Vic Blea, Mona Lee, Stanley Chan, Alan & Elena Fujii , Peggy Ahtye;

Many thanks to the families who travled long distances to help celebrate Easter with us. Winnie Yee with her families from the Bay Area; Jerry Cheang with his family from Sacramento area.

Click on any of the photos & you will see the remaining Photos of the Easter Egg Hunt at the Confucius Church.

1. Before the Hunt : because of the rain & cold weather, the Easter Egg Hunt was held at the Confucius Church; Here the children & parents waited in the Church hallway. The eggs were hidden in teh multi-purose room & school-room;

2. The Hunt: the children finding the Easter Eggs with some special eggs winners for prizes.

3. Getting the Prizes: children getting the prizes.

4. Waiting for the Food; people standing in line for the food

5. Relaxing: everybody enjoying the Food.

6. Special prizes: Certain participants get prizes for being the oldest, youngest, birthday closest to Easter.

1. Before the Hunt
2. The Hunt
3. Getting the Prizes

4. Getting the Food
5. Relaxing
6. Extra Prizes