Working sessions

The 46th Biennial Convention in Portland, Oregon was held at the historic Benson Hotel. This Web Page contains only photographs of most of the Salinas Lodge members & family that attended. For more of what went on at the convention, please link on to our National Web Site which you will find under "LINKS" on your far left column. There you will find our New Grand Board of Officers ,newly elected Grand Executives & many photos of what went on. The first sessions were used to introduce all the resolutions submitted, report on local lodges biennial reports & nominate Grand Officers for election. The next sessions , assigned members were divided into three groups, their task were to analyze on their assigned resolutions & then report to the entire delegation as to their recommendation. Some resolutions were rewritten or reworded and then voted on by the entire delegations. There were 30 resolutions the delegates voted on. The final sessions were used to elect Grand Officers & install the Grand Officers. The delegation then nominated & elect Grand Executives. The last session was used to take photos of the delegation & work on the final resolutions.

Historic Benson Hotel

Benson Hotel Lobby

Albert Fong shown registering for the convention

Alan Wing & Sherman Low, as delegates elect

Harry Chong as acting Grand Representative, sitting next to Jack Low of S.F.

Albert Fong as Grand Executive; On the left is Winston Wu of L.A. on the right, Stephen Lee of S.F.

Chinese Garden
Rose/Japanese Garden
Grand Ball