Salinas Chinatown Exhibit - April 23, 2010
Exhibit runs until July 4th, 2010

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What was most exciting was the bringing together of families that returned to Salinas to share and reminisce on old times:

  • John Lew who lived on 13 Soledad St.
  • Grover Fong who lived on 31 Soledad St.
  • Martha Chin Jone who lived on 7 1/2 Soledad St.
  • Four daughters of the Albert Lee family who lived on 12 Soledad St
  • Three daughters of the Wun family whose father lived on 10 Soledad St. and operated a cafe on E. Market St.
  • 4 sibling of Wenson Louie family, whose father first lived in Chinatown.
  • The bringing together of May Urabe Sakasgawa with Grover Fong and Martha Chin Jone after 64 years
  • The Chin sisters, Blanche Ahtye, Mary Lee, Martha Jone, Nancy Mar who resided @ 7 1/2 Soledad
  • Lee sisters, Lupie Chee & Ella Maki who resided @ 16 Soledad St
  • Gin Family, Darlene, Ralph, Frances Nishida, Annie Arii & Florence Thompson who resided @ 12 1/2 Soledad St

Others present who still reside in Salinas:
  • May Lee Lew who lived on 13 Soledad St.
  • David Chin, Parker Chin, Mary Chin Lee on 71/2 Soledad St.
  • Tom O Wong, who first worked and lived behind the Chinese laundry on Central Ave.
  • Linda Wong Gin, Julie Wong Gin, and Herbert Wong, whose father had a grocery store corner E. Market and Pajaro,
  • Ruth Jang Wong whose family operated a dry goods store on Main St.
  • Lorraine Leong Lowe whose family operated Sausal Meat Market on Monterey & E. Market Sts. & who lived on Pajaro & E. Market Sts.

Wenson Louie Family

John Gong, Richard Wasson, Carrie Wang, Peggy Ahtye, Julie Ahtye Yee

Old Chinatown Soledad St Residents
Parker Chin @ #7 1/2; John Lew @ #13; Grover Fong @ #31

Wallace Ahtye, Daughter - Julie, Wife - Peggy, Grand-son - Thomas
Resident at 37 & 47 Soledad St

Lee sisters & Candice Chin
Lee sister resides @ #12 Soledad St. Candice's father lived @ #7 1/2 Soledad St

David & Frances Chin
David resided @ #7 1/2 Soledad St.

Mary Chin Lee resided #7 1/2 Soledad St

Ira Katz - President & Vic Brea - Treasurer
of Chinese American Citizens Alliance, Salinas Lodge

Dr. Emma Dong, & Dr. Harry Chong, practced in Salinas since the 1940's

Wanda Lee, Rina Benmajor of CSUMB, Cathy Chavez Miller, Louis Lee - Pres. of Chinese Assoc. of Salinas

Les Kaneshiro - Buddhist Temple, Wally Ahtye, Larry Hirahara - Buddhist Temple

Rina Benmajor & Cathy Chavez Miller of CSUMB

Jerry & Carol Cheang, Lori Wing & daughter

Museum Volunteers Ellyse Spiegl Burke - SUHS 1947 & Jean Wisely - SUHS - 1947;
Joyce Lowe

Ruth Jang Wong

Middle - Ella Lee Maki resided @ #16 Soledad St with Glen Chee, Grand-daughter, , Mr. Maki, daughter- Valerie, Wally Ahtye;

Lee sisters, Ella Mak, Lupie Chee who live @ 16 Soledad St, Chinatown;
Chin sisters, Mary Lee, Blanche Ahtye, Martha Johne, Nancy Mar, who lived @ 7 1/2 Soledad St, Chinatown & Stella Chin wife to late Frank Chin

center - Gin sisters; Annie Arii & Florence Thompson who resided @ 12 1/2 Soledad St in the background; Left - Peggy Ahtye resided @ 37 Soledad St & Right - Wally Ahtye resided @ 47 Soledad & 37 Soledad St.

Gin Family - Darlene, Annie, Ralph; Julie Wong Gin; Florence & Frances Gin; Gin Family resided @ #12 1/2 Soledad St.

Lani Ahtye Farkas Telling her story about her book "Bury My Bones in America" about her Ahtye family in Gold Rush Days

Lani Ahtye Karkas signing her book "Bury My Bones in America" about the "Ahtye" family during Gold Rush Days

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