ATT golf tournament - Feb. 6 - 9, 2003

Stanley Chan & Johnny Gong attending Tri-Tip Steaks at the barbacue pit

Johnny Gong cooking the tub of chili Beans

The Hors-d'oeuvre & Salad Table

The Dessert Table - complements of the Chinese Women Auxiliary
The following provided cookies for 150 people all four days

Elizabeth ChanLinda LowRoslyn ChinPeggy AhtyeArlene Uemura
Clara ChinCandice ChinLori WingWanda LeeHelen Gong
May MahCarol CheangClara ChanRuth WongFrances Chin
Teri LouieLola LeeLillian Chin..

Chiu & Shirley Lee & John Gong at the main serving table with John cutting the Tri-tips

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