On Sunday, June 13, 2004 more than 75 members and guests gathered at the Confucius Church hall to view the presentation of "Carved in Silence" by its producer, director and writer Felicia Lowe. Originally done in the mid 1990s, the film still bears much emotional impact for all who see it and especially to those who were detained on Angel Island for varying lengths of time. After the film and presentation by Felicia and Angel Island Immigration Foundation executive director Katherine Toy, several members, including H. W. Wong, Wenson Louie and John Wong, who were former detainees shared their remembrances of their time spent on the Island

Felicia Lowe, Producer & Director of "Carved in Silence"

Katherine Toy, Angel Island Immigration Foundation Executive Director

Gerald Cheang, chairman of this event

H.W.Wong, Angel Island Detainee

Wenson Louie, Angel Island Detainee

York Gin, Angel Island Detainee

John Wong, Angel Island Detainee

Jack Lock Chin, Angel Island Detainee

John Gong, Angel Island Detainee

Hughes Chin, Angel Island Detainee

Chester Lee, Angel Island Detainee

Attending Angel Island Detainees
Jack Chin, John Wong, York Gin, Wenson Louie, Hughes Chin, H.W. Wong, Chester Lee, John Gong

Due to the generosity of all those who attended we were able to raise more than $1100.00 in donations toward the work of the Foundation. For those who were unable to attend, or who wish to know more about the activities of the Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation, log on their website at

Co-chairs Joyce Lowe and Jerry Cheang wish to thank those who so generously donated baked goods (Linda Low, Helen Gong, May Mah, Wanda Lee, Frances Chin, and Carol Cheang). The almond jello was also made and donated by Lola Lee, Emma Dong, and Flora Chong. Table decorations were by Joyce Lowe and Carol Cheang. Once again, thanks to all who attended and donated to this very worthy cause.