50th Anniversary Dinner 10/26/2002

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On October 26th, the Salinas Lodge celebrated its 50th Anniversary at the Salinas Golf & Country Club. This dinner honors 12 members who had been charter members in 1952 & served as members for 50 consecutive years since. The Dining room was filled to capacity with over 100 people attending this historic event. The people attending was first treated with champagne & hors d'oeuvre. They were also entertained with a display of hundreds of photos from 1952 up to the present . There was also a computer multi-media presentation of the history of the Salinas Lodge which included pictures of all past presidents & pictures of the 12 remaining 50 year members.

The Dinner consist of Prime Rib or Roast Chicken served with white & red wine. Dessert consisted of cake & ice cream. Everybody was presented with a commemorative 28 page brochure along with favors of dark & white chocolate depicting the Chinese Yin/Yan & special fortune cookie.

During the after dinner program, the City, County, State officials presented the Salinas Lodge with proclamations. Then the 12 members of Salinas Lodge with 50 years service was recognized with momentos.

Seated : Sandy Lydon, Keynote speaker, George Ow, Davace Chin, Carol & Jerry Cheang
Standing : Salinas Lodge Pres. Sherman Low

L-R : Jerry Cheang, Master of Ceremony, Pres. Sherman Low, Linda Low, Past Grand Pres. Nancy Gee, Grand Sec. Vera Goo, Ted Goo

People looking at the hundreds of photos depicting the history of Salinas Lodge.
L-R : Roberta Yee, Clara Chan, Ruth Ng, Hughes Chin, Carl Chan, Ruth Wong

Bill Young, Esmond Chan & Tom O Wong watching the computer multi-media of the history of Salinas Lodge

Heidi Gottfried, Associate of Sandy Lydon, Selling Sandy Lydon's best selling books.

Hostesses for the evening:
Peggy Ahtye, Roslyn Chin, Linda Low, Lola Lee
In the right side baskets of fortune cookies by Lola Lee & chocolate Yin/Yan candy by Linda Low.

11 of the 12 members being honored
Standing L-R: Wallace Ahtye, David Chin, Bill Young, John Gong, Henry Chin, Parker Chin
Seated L-R: Tom O Wong, Bill Wong, Hughes Chin, York Gin, Philip Lee:
Not shown: Tommy Gin

Anniversary Committee
Standing L-R: Roslyn Chin, Carol Cheang, Linda Low, Peggy Ahtye, Lola Lee
Seated L-R: Chairman Parker Chin, Jerry Cheang, Sherman Low, Wallace Ahtye, Philip Lee


Photo Exhibit - Parker Chin

Commemerative Brochure - Wallace Ahtye

Multi-Media Computer Presentation - Wallace Ahtye

Photographers - Richard Ng, Jason Low, Katrina Chan

Favors - Chocolate Yin/Yan candy - Linda Low

Favors - Fortune Cookies - Lola Lee

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